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Attivo il nuovo portale fi-compass!

fi-compass è una piattaforma unica per i servizi di consulenza su strumenti finanziari nell’ambito dei Fondi strutturali e di investimento europei (ESIF) e sulla microfinanza nell'ambito del Programma dell'UE per l'occupazione e l'innovazione (EASI)

fi-compass is provided by the European Commission in partnership with the European Investment Bank. The platform is offering a wide range of resources for Member States, managing authorities, financial institutions, project leaders and all stakeholders.

fi-compass is designed to support ESIF managing authorities, EaSI microfinance providers and other interested parties, by providing practical know-how and learning tools on financial instruments. These will include “how-to” manuals, factsheets for quick reference, e-learning modules, face-to-face training seminars and networking events.

fi-compass will offer institutional assessments and tailored training to selected microfinance providers, workshops to spread good practice in the wider European microcredit sector and a dedicated helpdesk. So if you are a microfinance provider or simply interested in learning more about good practice in the European microfinance sector, follow the EaSI Technical Assistance theme.

Visit the new fi-compass webportal now and start discovering all the useful resources and instruments for the Microfinance sector!